people in santiago walk slowly

My German and Swedish roommate are talking about how they are stressed out by how slowly all the Santiagans walk on the sidewalks and in the subway, especially when they’re (my roommates) in a hurry. But I think that’s just the point of it all, the Chileans aren’t stressed enough, even when they’re late, to walk fast. Everyone says that Santiago runs on Chilean time, which is another way of saying that everyone is late to everything. But it’s cool, because there’s alot of time in the Chilean day. The full-time guys at the office works until 8 or 9 (about 11 hour days) but seems to be really happy and enjoy what they’re doing. They all take their jobs seriously, just not too seriously; last week, for example, we snuck out of the office to go watch a soccer game at one of the guys’ apartments.

So, from here on out, I’m resolving to walk slowly, adopt Chilean time and not get stressed out.

My Swedish roommate Illapha, just walked in and apparently had no trouble walking this time. Probably because he was ice-ax from a mountaineering trip.


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